21 Reasons to Be Grateful to Be a Freelancer

Why do we become freelancers?

For the promise of a better life. More freedom, more flexibility, more income – and, of course, never having to wear pants if we don’t want to!

This holiday season, The No Pants Project team decided to step back and reflect on why they’re grateful to be freelancers.

Here are 21 reasons why:

Courtney Johnson, Success Architect

1. Spending the majority of my day with my puppy dogs who I am obsessed with.

2. Getting to have lunch or dinner with friends. That was impossible working at a startup — it was a 70+ hour a week nightmare!

3. Getting to work from literally anywhere.

4. Being in control of everything in my working life.

5. Learning tons of amazing things about so many different kinds of industries, vocations and people.

Kristine Ghia Malicay, Project Manager

6. I own my time. I can spend more time with my family, travel and go Instagramming whenever I like. And I never have to miss a sunrise or a sunset.

7. I get to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to cook, fail and perfect a recipe. (I want to be left alone when I cook. I spent last year’s Christmas Eve cooking for 5 hours straight in the kitchen. I thought I was going to die after that. This year, we’re having takeout for Christmas dinner.)

8. I am very passionate about helping people. By owning my time, I get to volunteer in our community; take care of a sick loved one (I’m a Certified Caregiver!); visit the home for the elderly and shelters for abused girls and women; serve our Church and its advocacy and build a program for the youth in our parish.

Ron McKnight, Marketing Team

9. I’m grateful for the ability to create my own schedule.

10. I’m grateful for the chance to sleep in whenever I need to.

11. I’m grateful for the ability to save and invest extra income.

12. I’m grateful for long walks after lunch.

13. I’m grateful to be able to work from home with my wife and soon-to-be daughter.

Kate McKnight, Marketing Team

14. Freedom. Being a freelancer has given me (and my husband) the ability to live life without caps – there’s no income ceiling, no boss, no alarm clock. I get to wake up when I choose, do work I love from anywhere in the world, and earn what I actually put in.

15. I’m probably the most grateful that when our first child is born in February, we’ll both get to be home with her at every stage and watch her grow. There are always ups and downs when you’re a business owner, but the freedom makes it all worth it!

Kathleen McCann West, Community Manager

16. No commute. I wasted too much of my life in a car in the past – I’m grateful to be able to roll out of bed and already be at work!

17. Getting to take my dog for as many walks as I want during the workday.

18. The ability to take the time off I need. No more counting vacation days and asking a manager if I can take a day off.

19. The exposure I get to different types of work and industries, and having such a variety of work that I never get bored.

20. Being able to finally use my skills and talents in a fulfilling way.

21. The ability to work with cool people around the world, and connect with the awesome No Pants community!

Why are YOU grateful to be a freelancer?

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, is it time to get started?